15 Fun And Creative Cat Training Ideas

Cats are extremely smart, and they love to train. Cats can be trained for everything from toilet training to hunting birds. But did you know that there are tons of different ways to train your cat? 

In this article, we’ll cover 15 fun and creative ways you can train your cat.

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Key Takeaways
When training your cat, it’s important to know what common mistakes to avoid.
Understanding the psychological principles behind cat training can help you train your cat more effectively.
15 creative cat training ideas that can spice up the training process.
Surprising tips and tricks that you can use to train your cat more effectively.
A step-by-step guide that helps to easily teach your cat new tricks.
There are a variety of options for keeping pets entertained while staying indoors.
Regular training and exercise can keep pets mentally and physically stimulated.
Repetition and consistency are key factors in effectively training your cat or dog.
Clicker training can be an effective method for training cats and other animals.

Target Practice

There are a lot of ways you can use a laser pointer as a tool for cat training. The first is by simply playing with it. You can play fetch with your cat, where you throw the laser pointer and they bring it back to you. 

You can also use it to play hide-and-seek or chase, which are both fun games that you can do with your kitty at home! To make things more interesting, try using these other two tricks:

  • Teach them how to touch their nose on the target when prompted
  • Teach them how to sit on the target when prompted

When it comes to cat training, it’s important to avoid some common mistakes. As emphasized in our article on 15 Common Cat Training Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, knowing what to avoid can help you train your feline friend effectively.

Stair Etiquette

Cats are natural climbers, so it’s not a big surprise when they end up climbing the stairs. Teaching your cat to climb the stairs is an excellent way to keep them active and healthy.

  • Teach them how to go up and down the stairs
  • Make sure they know how to get back down

Cardboard Box Digging

Cardboard boxes are great cat toys. They can be used as a hiding place, a scratching pad, and an added element to your cat’s favorite games. They are also perfect for napping in, making a mess in (hey, it’s only cardboard!) and of course playing with.

If you have ever tried moving the box while they were inside you will know how much fun they can have! Cardboard boxes make excellent mouse houses too. 

Cats love to crawl into small spaces where their prey might hide so placing them in such a confined space is sure to give them hours of entertainment!

PetFusionBetterBox Litter BoxMade with recycled cardboard, biodegradable liners, anti-microbial coating
PetSafeSimply Feed Automatic FeederStore up to 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food, programmable feeding times, slow feed option
KONGNaturals Incline ScratcherEncourages appropriate scratching behavior, made with renewable resources
CatitCat Scratcher with CatnipReversible corrugated cardboard, refillable catnip vial included
TrixiePet Home PlaygroundIncludes scratching posts, hideaways, and platforms, made with high-quality MDF wood

Treat Puzzles

Treat puzzles are a great option for cats who are food motivated. They usually have to work for the treat, which can be fun for some cats and boring for others. 

The best way to find out what your cat likes is by trying them out! Treat puzzles also help cats stay mentally stimulated, so it’s a win-win situation if you’re looking for a way to keep your pet busy while you’re at work or school.

If you don’t want to spend money on something like this, there are plenty of ways to create one yourself:

  • Get an empty plastic bottle and cut off the top (you can use scissors or heat up a knife)
  • Fill the plastic bottle with treats or food that your cat normally eats

Looking to understand the science behind cat training? Our detailed guide on The Science Behind Cat Training: What Really Works explains the psychological principles involved in training kitties and offers insights into how you can use them to your advantage.

Going Through Hoops

Hoops are a fun way to train your cat. Hoops can be made from cardboard, or you can purchase them from a pet store. 

With the help of some treats, your cat will soon learn that it’s fun to jump through hoops. You can use these hoops in many different ways:

  • Place the hoop on the ground and let your cat play with it. Then move it around for an even more interesting game!
  • Stand on one side of the hoop and hold out a treat for your cat as he jumps through it. After he gets used to this trick, try standing on both sides at once!
  • Weave two hoops together into a ball shape; place this between yourself and your cat so that when they jump through one end of either one they come out through another end (and get a reward).

Have Them Jump Over Objects

If you’re looking for a fun way to train your cat, why not have them jump over objects? This is a great way to keep them active and healthy. 

You can use a laser pointer or even small toys as the jumping target. Cats are natural hunters and love chasing after things, so it shouldn’t take much motivation for them to start jumping around.

Have your cat jump over obstacles such as boxes or chairs. You can also have them perform acrobatic feats by having them jump from one side of the room or hallway to another side as well. 

There are even products on the market that can help with this type of training like The Jump Ramp for Cats by PetSafe (pictured above).

If you’re in search of creative ways to train your cat, we’ve got you covered. Check out our article on 15 Fun and Creative Cat Training Ideas to discover new approaches to teaching your cat tricks and behaviors.

Hide And Go Seek Your Cat.

The game is simple: You hide and your feline friend tries to find you. We recommend making it a competition by placing your cat’s favorite toy next to where you are hiding, then get on all fours and patiently wait for him/her to figure out where you’ve gone.

Your cat will likely sniff around the room, pounce at nothing in particular and maybe even look under the bed for you. 

As soon as he/she finds the toy and starts playing with it, make yourself visible again with a loud “here kitty!” This will encourage them to run back over and fetch their prize so that they can continue playing together!

SmartCatPeek-a-Prize Toy BoxInteractive toy box with holes for hiding treats, encourages natural hunting behavior
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PetSafeCheese Cat ToyTwo peek-a-boo holes, two mice included, automatic turn-off feature
Purrfect FelineInteractive Cat Tunnel ToyCollapsible and portable, includes hanging ball toy for added activity

The Jingle Bell Obstacle Course

To set up this game, you’ll need to create an obstacle course for your cat that includes a variety of different items. You can use anything from cardboard boxes and pillows to clothes hangers and small toys.

The goal here is not only to get your cat moving around, but also to encourage him or her to play with the obstacles in a certain order. 

The more creative you are when designing this obstacle course, the better—but be careful not put anything dangerous out there!

Want to take your cat training game to the next level? Our guide on 14 Surprising Cat Training Tips You Never Knew offers unconventional tips and tricks that can help you train your cat more effectively.

Obstacle Course Training

If you’ve ever observed your cat jumping and pouncing, it’s clear that they love to exercise. But did you know how beneficial exercise can be for your kitty? It’s important for cats to get regular exercise, just like humans do. Exercise helps prevent obesity and can keep your cat healthy, fit, and happy!

Exercise is especially important if your cat isn’t getting enough physical activity outside of the home. If they don’t run around free in the backyard or on a daily walk with their human companion, then they’ll need some way else to get their energy out—like using an obstacle course set up inside the house! 

A good-sized obstacle course should have at least three obstacles (such as a tree branch going from one side of a room to another) that are challenging but not impossible for most cats to maneuver around. 

One idea is to build an agility course out of cardboard boxes (make sure you don’t use any sharp edges!). For example:

Sit, Stay, Shake!

Sit, stay and shake hands! Your cat will love the new games you can play with him or her. As you know, most cats enjoy playing so it’s a great way to bond with them. Plus, it helps strengthen their muscles and coordination skills.

Sit and rollover! This one is great because it will make your cat feel like they’re in charge of their own body while also being physically active. You can even have multiple cats sit at once if they’re willing! The best part about this activity is that it will keep your pet entertained for hours on end!

Teaching your cat tricks can be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your feline friend. Check out our step-by-step guide on How to Train Your Cat to Do Tricks in 12 Easy Steps for a breakdown of the training process and useful tips to keep in mind along the way.

Cats Are Smart, And They Love To Train!

Cats are smart. They have the ability to learn tricks, play games, and even do useful things like opening doors. 

Cats are also capable of getting bored easily, so it’s important to keep them entertained in order to ensure they stay healthy and happy. If you want your cat to develop its brain power, there are a few different ways you can train it!

  • Tricks
  • Games
  • Useful skills like opening doors
KongNaturals Feather TeaserNatural feathers, lightweight, interactive
CatitSenses 2.0 DiggerEncourages cats to work for their food, encourages natural hunting behavior
PetFusionAmbush Interactive Cat ToyAutomatic rotating feather wand, interactive play modes
PetSafeBolt Laser Cat ToyAutomatic laser game, adjustable timer
TrixieAgility Basic TunnelEncourages exercise and play, collapsible, versatile

This table highlights some popular brands and products that can be used for training and playtime with your cat. From interactive toys to agility tunnels, these products are designed to keep your cat mentally stimulated and physically active. Kong Naturals Feather Teaser and PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat toy provide interactive playtime that stimulates their prey instinct with a feather wand and a rotating feather respectively.

PetSafe Bolt Laser Cat toy and Catit Senses 2.0 Digger toy encourages them to move by playing game, laser is sync with movements while the Senses digger aims to stimulate natural hunting behavior by working for their food. Agility tunnel from Trixie encourages exercise and play for cats, and is collapsible for convenient storage.


If you’re looking for new ways to bond with your cat, there are a lot of fun and creative ideas out there. Cats can be trained, but not in the same way dogs are. 

Their brains work differently and they have their own unique personalities. With that said, I think it’s important to remember that cats are still animals and need your love and attention just as much as any other pet would!

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How can I train my cat to do tricks?

The first step in training your cat to do tricks is selecting the right treat. You should also keep training sessions short, positive, and reward-based. Repetition and consistency are key factors in training your cat.

What indoor activities can I do with my dog?

There are many indoor activities you can do with your dog, including simple games like hide-and-seek, puzzle toys, and training exercises. You can also provide your pup with obstacle courses or indoor agility equipment to keep them active and engaged.

What are some good indoor games for a cat?

You can provide your cat with a range of indoor games, like playing with a laser pointer, chasing a string or ribbon, or hiding treats for them to find. Puzzle toys and scratching posts can also provide both mental and physical stimulation.

How often should I exercise my dog indoors?

The amount of indoor exercise your dog needs depends on their size, breed, and energy level. On average, it’s recommended that you engage in at least 20-30 minutes of active playtime with your dog each day.

Should I use clicker training for my cat?

Clicker training can be an effective method for training cats and other animals. The clicker serves as a bridge between the desired behavior and the reward, and it can help your cat learn more quickly and precisely.